Homeless Student Services Fund

Every day, homeless students face the daunting task of trying to focus on a quality education while worrying about the basic needs of reliable food, clothing and shelter.

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Wow... $42,224! Thanks For Helping Us Meet The Challenge.

Two local couples, Mark and Ann Thelen and Mike and Diana Podawiltz, each matched $10,000 in contributions to LEAF for the Homeless Student Services Fund. During the months of March and April, LEAF conducted a fundraising campaign called "742 Challenge For Children." The campaign resulted in $42,224, including the $20,000 in matching funds, to assist students experiencing homelessness who attend District 742 schools.

Special thanks to Mark and Ann Thelen and Mike and Diana Podawiltz for their generous matching contributions.

Homeless Student Services Fund

Recurring Options

Donors who wish to contribute to the fund, which will provide needed school supplies, clothing, food and crisis housing assistance for District 742 homeless students, can make their tax-deductible contribution by clicking on the Donate button below, or by sending a check, made out to “LEAF” to the LEAF address of PO Box 1132, St. Cloud, MN 56302.

A committee, which will work with the District 742 Students Services Department and homeless student social workers, has been set up to provide oversight of the fund expenditures.

Recent Fund History

In the fall of 2014, LEAF was approached by community members and school district homeless student social workers who asked if we would be willing to add a fund in support of these homeless students, to help ensure that they have a better opportunity for success in school. Local district and county resources and programs simply cannot meet all of the needs of our over 300 homeless students.

A fund was set up and a homeless student services fund committee, with representatives from LEAF, District 742 and the community began meeting. Through donations from individuals and businesses, the LEAF Homeless Student Services Fund has been able to grant $25,195.31 to provide healthy snacks, school supplies, transportation, clothing, food and crisis shelter for District 742 homeless students as of December 1, 2015. The district homeless student social Workers turn to the LEAF fund only after all community and social service resources have been tried.

Throughout the country, as well as in District 742, homelessness is a growing social challenge. LEAF stepped forward to offer community members the chance to directly impact the life of District 742 students who find themselves homeless and facing challenges few of us have had to face.

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The chart shows how the homeless student services funds have been expended.

In addition to the above fund, LEAF provides support to needy students to help pay the costs for participation in extracurricular activities from elementary grades through high school. LEAF has made 21 grants for a total of $24,109 in support of needy students’ participation in the student activities program!

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