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History of Leaf

The District 742 Local Education & Activities Foundation (LEAF) was established in 1993 as a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing supplemental funding assistance for extracurricular activities in District 742 schools, helping to ensure a balanced, comprehensive educational experience for all students. In 2009, LEAF expanded its mission to include all academic programming, becoming a \\\"full-service\\\" Education Foundation.  LEAF provides financial assistance to District 742 educational programming through its Endowment Fund with a current fund balance of approximately $950,000 as well as ticket surcharge return and ticket sales program at both Tech and Apollo High Schools and various other sources.

Annotated History


  • The Board of Education formed an ad hoc committee to research the possibility of forming a foundation for the purpose of providing support for extracurricular activities in District 742.
  • A Student Activities Advisory Committee subsequently recommended to the Board that such a foundation be formed.


  • The Board of Education approved the formation of an activities foundation to be called the District 742 Local Education Activities Foundation (LEAF). In June of 1993, the Board approved a transfer of $100,000 to the Central Minnesota Community Foundation to establish the LEAF Endowment Fund.  The Board also approved a ticket price increase of $1.00 on each adult admission and $.50 for each student admission at both Tech and Apollo High Schools with the subsequent annual revenue from this increase to be deposited in the LEAF Endowment fund.


  • Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit organization were developed and filed with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. Application was then made to the Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt status.


  • The first LEAF Board of Directors was formed and began meeting regularly. The organization’s by-laws were developed and formally adopted.


  • Status as a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) non profit organization was received from the IRS.


  • LEAF began its twice yearly granting program utilizing 5% of its endowment fund for the support of extra curricular activities programming in the District’s K-12 schools.


  • LEAF hired a fundraising consultant and began organized fundraising activities.


  • LEAF undertook a special fundraising project, netting $140,000, to assist in preserving Junior High School activities programming.
  • LEAF Begins Night of the Stars (NOTS) fundraiser.


  • LEAF Hires Executive Director.
  • First LEAF Appreciation & Awards Banquet to recognize specific contributors to the success of LEAF.
  • Night of the Stars moves to Paramount Theatre to a “sold out” crowd!


  • Year-long development of a strategic plan and vision statement with funding from the Initiative Foundation.


  • LEAF Board Handbook developed to encourage Board professionalism.


  • LEAF Endowment stands at $450,000 as of February 2007
  • LEAF Web Page developed:  www.leaf742.org.


  • 15th Year Campaign. ($324,850 pledged by November 2008).
  • LEAF Endowment stands at $563,756 as of December 2008.


  • LEAF Mission expanded to include academic opportunities and Enrichment.
  • LEAF now has two funds:  
  • 1. Academic Opportunities & Enrichment   
  • 2. Student Activities


  • NOTS Silent Auction moves to online only
  • March - The first LEAF academic grants are awarded - $12,500
  • October - the first Academic Fund event is held - Food For Thought 


  • NOTSsets a new record returning $8,049 on ticket revenue to student activity programs
  • LEAF\\\'s new Adopt-A-Classroom program raises $11,750 and funds 49 classrooms with $250 grants for supplies
  • October - the second Academic Fund event, A Learning Renaissance, raises more than $23,000 and nets $14,734 for the Academic Fund
  • LEAF yearly fundraising sets a new record: $157,070.86


  • LEAF updates Strategic Plan with ClearPath consultants
  • Adopt a Classroom Program raises $15,000 and provides 60 classroom supply grants
  • Tech Football and Tech Athletics Legacy Funds reach the $25,000 level and begin providing annual returns to those programs
  • LEAF obtains two grants for the PAKRAT PRogram and prvides $51,914 in support of this unique P03 literacy and parent involvment program.
  • Total LEAF grants during the f2013-13 school year = $115,307!
  • Total Endowed Funds on 12/31/12 = Activities Fund: $597,523   Academic Fund: $130,268


  • Twelfth Night of the Stars features three performances and nets $11,435 for student activities.
  • Third annual Learning Renaissance nets $19,930 in Fund-A-Need direct support of academic programs and $16,068 for the Acadmeic Endowment Fund
  • Total Endowed Funds on 12/31/13 - Activities Fund $720,984  Academic Fund:  $184,492


  • Thirteenth Night of the Stars at the Paramount Theatre nets $11,386 for student activities

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